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  • Hillary K.

Forbidden Forest™ Inspired Nursery

Updated: Jan 16

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Long before I knew whether I was going to have a boy or a girl, I had decided that my child's nursery would be Forbidden Forest inspired. I spent my pregnancy collecting decor from Harry Potter World™ at Universal Studios in California, scouring the internet far-and-wide for the perfect forest wallpaper mural and dreaming up the details that would make the space enchanted but not overwhelmingly "branded".

I had the benefit of completely designing the nursery from scratch - we submitted our deposit for our new build home in Texas before I was even pregnant - but I started the project in the same way that I begin all of my interior design work. I selected the "anchor" pieces first and centered everything else around those. In this case, my first purchase was the Jameson 3-in-1 convertible crib from Restoration Hardware and the coordinating dresser and changing table. My parents insisted on gifting us the crib, and my mom and I had a wonderful time visiting the flagship RH showroom and restaurant in Marin, CA. They were fine to pay the heftier-than-average price tag for a bed that would serve their grandchild for at least 18 years!

I knew that I wanted to have a feature mural and looked high-and-low for the perfect wallpaper. I literally spent hundreds of hours trying to find the right one. At one point, I completely gave up and began to look into having a local mural artist paint a mural directly on the wall, but I didn't love the idea of making such a large investment in a room that I didn't plan to use as my child's room beyond the first four years. (The nursery is actually in the room that is designed to be an office) I finally found the perfect wallpaper, and decided that in order solve the challenge of wanting to eventually be able to move the mural to a different location in our house, I would design custom modular frames. My Dad, who recently passed away, helped me make my first ever set of these modular wall mural frames, and I will be forever grateful that we were able to create a lasting piece of art together for my child.

As I knew that the room would eventually become my office, I knew I wanted to install a custom bookcase. It was my first time trying to install shelving myself, so I spent hours looking at IKEA bookcase hacks and sketched out a design using BILLY book cases that would allow for a nook for the changing table, which would eventually accommodate my desk. One of my best friends came to visit from Chicago and I roped her into helping me install the custom book case.

One of the challenges of this office-turned-nursery space is that the French doors have huge glass panels. If you've ever had a child, you know that the last thing you want is a ton of light streaming into their bedroom at all hours of the day while they're trying to sleep. I took the opportunity to make custom drapery from fabric I found on Etsy with the Morris & Co. Melsetter print. I have always loved the English Arts & Crafts design style, and this work by May Morris (William Morris' daughter) put me in mind of the Gryffindor common room.

I sourced special touches for the space from Etsy sellers, Amazon, Pottery Barn, Universal Studios, and what feels like everywhere in between. I have loved building out my son's collection of dragon stuffed animals and various collections of the Harry Potter™ book series. Below you can find an extended list of links to some of my favorite details!

Pottery Barn Fitted Crib Sheet

I was able to buy a floor sample from a local lighting company, so I got a deal on the light fixture.

I found this much more budget-friendly alternative on Amazon.


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